A new version of the popular World is to be released. 

Due to some of the negative user feedback from the beta version released a few million years ago it was decided to do a complete rework and increase the major release number directly to 2.0.

The new version has fewer bugs, people are generally much nicer and animals no longer have to eat each other. A lot of improvement has been made to the weather, which tended to change a lot and sometime cause annoyance and data loss in the beta release. Photosynthesis has been improved and applied to all life forms to avoid resource limitation issues. 

There has been reports of viruses spreading in the beta release. They have been removed and no further infection should occur.

The diseases, suffering and death features were never really appreciated so they have also been removed and will only be supplied upon request. 

Time functionality has been improved; time no longer slow down in boring situations. E.g paperwork no longer take ages. 

Children will be provided with a sleep mode button, volume control and a manual (apparently this was missing earlier due to sloppy manufacturing of subcontractors). 

The new release will be available soon and should be compatible with the current universe. Please report any compatibility issues to your local deity.

It is however advised not to abuse the support system. Excessive praying will only result in ignored requests. 

While waiting for the new release you are encouraged to implement patches (aka making the world a better place). Although Death and Taxes can not be disabled, extensive testing has shown that suffering can be limited. Note that preventing suffering by ending your own or someone else's existence is considered cheating and is not allowed. 

Thank you for your patience.