Students at LiU has developed object recognition, object tracking, and speech recognition for a robot arm with an attached Android tablet.

The report below describes the (software) development process and the resulting product developed on a robot platform named AIDA (AI Design Assistant), which was developed on a request from the Department of Computer and Information Science (Linköping University). The platform consists of a robot arm that is made up by six servo motors connected to a single-board computer. An Android tablet is attached to the robot arm and has an application installed which constitutes the user interface.

The tablet sends commands to the Raspberry Pi trough BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The Raspberry Pi uses Python scripts to control the servos trough a serial port, ttyS0. A set of example commands is implemented in an Android app, and demonstrated with a button that cause the servos to retract the pad. The actual platform development was outsourced by Rise.


Utveckling av intelligens för en robotplattform AIDA


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