All the electronic devices are powered by white smoke. When smoke goes out, device is dead."

Milan Nikolic

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J2 Holding AB is a privately held company headquartered in Östergötland, Sweden. The company was founded in 2004 and has since then offered a wide range of services to the global technology market.

The staff at J2 have a diverse background, extensive network of connections in the technological industry with many years of experience in areas ranging from materials science, chemistry, electronics and processing technologies to commercial manufacturing.

Our services include:

  • Industrial and automotive electronics design
  • CAD (schematic and layout cad), customized boards for Arduino/Raspberry/BBB constructions
  • Software and firmware development
  • Assembly, production support and testing (investigation of replacements for EOL components/BOM etc)
  • Product technical support
  • Repair of older lab equipment
  • Technology solutions, analysis and evaluation
  • Data collection/cloud servers for IoT/sensor systems


With extensive lab/clean room and test/measurement experience, J2 is well equipped for designing specialized tools and equipment for your lab project. For larger volumes we work with external assembly and emc test facilitiy providers. Need a gas block or a special heatsink? Our supplier of customized automated metalwork can provide the quantity and quality you need.

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Rise develop a high speed data gateway for RF sensor nodes.


ScioSense manufacture air classification modules for the automotive market.


Vertical plant System is developing an advanced indoor air monitoring station with ethernet and wifi.


xSpectre has developed a miniature spectrometer that fits in your pocket and is operated by your smartphone.


Lifetime Engineering has developed the modern submarine launched marker Triton.


Students at LiU has developed object recognition, object tracking, and speech recognition for a robot arm with an attached Android tablet.


Electronic Materials report a hybrid printed electronic sensor system manufactured by screen printing directly onto the glass surface.


Ynvisible & SpotSee Announce Launch of New Temperature Indication Solution TempSafe Electrocard.


J2 has developed a sensor analyzer module featuring triple 23-bit SMU channels with additional heater regulation.


The Swedish company DANSiC AB is developing a generic platform for their SiC Air sensor. 


Sense2bits has developed an electronic tongue to detect small quantities of contaminants, like sewage water, in the water supply.


Kilchoman destillery has successfully implemented the NFC technology into their bottling process.


RISE/Acreo and MSF has developed a temperature logging self adhesive label with a flexible display.


ATLASS (Advanced High-Resolution Printing of Organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces) is a project for bringing printed electronics to the european consumer market.


Biocom lab / develops a smart intrabody network for future e-health solutions.


The CC800® HiPIMS in coating production and R&D: different requirements, just one system.


A novel miniature lab – in the form of a smart card – which can sense biomarkers and interpret into electrical signals developed by